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Who creates the magic at Bareeki?

We are 50 Artisans (150 Outsourced) working together at the Jaipur manufacturing unit creating furniture pieces that find a place in your home.

In our Jaipur unit we work on customised products, 25000 sqft manufacturing space, 12000 sqft display and office area. Would love to host you if you're in the area!

Team Behind Bareeki

One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz ~ Lou Reed

Amritaasha Charla (ex Nestle & ITC) - Sales, Logistics & Creative Lead
Rohan Arora (Also working at Google) - Tech & Marketing Lead
Keshav Dangiyach (Serial Entrepreneur) - Manufacturing & Design Lead

Bringing Badohi to the World!

Tapping into the Carpet capital

Our unit in Badohi is exclusively for creating Hand Knotted & Tufted, Rugs & Carpets that house another 50 artisans creating masterpieces, one knot at a time!

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