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Mughal Heirloom

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Carpet weaving was one of the most celebrated aspects of textile production in India under the Mughal dynasty from the late sixteenth to early eighteenth century. Antique Mughal carpets were court art and this Tibetan carpet with it's regal, palatial aura is reminiscent of a bygone era of luxury and imperial grandeur, hence the name-Mughal Heirloom.

Hand-knotted Tibetan rugs offer the rare blend of traditionally and modernity with their ancient weaving styles, classical hand-knotting and contemporary designs. They make for penthouse-chic rugs with interesting geometric patterns and retro imagery masterfully accented with hues of neutral earth tones, hand crafted using a combination of wool and silk.

These rugs are made using an overlapped interlink buckle or an interlink knot technique. This technique enhances the efficiency of the weavers and makes the process of carpet weaving less labor intensive. The result is is a lustrous and velvet like surface, which makes these carpets look and feel luxurious.

Design No.- 467
Knot Density- 124000 knots per square meter
Material- Hand-spun Wool and Silk
Colour- Light Blue and Saphhire
Knot Type- Tibetan Knots
Size (in ft)- 8.0X10.0
Size (in cm)- 250 X300
Foundation- Cotton

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