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Hand Knotted Nain Arabesque Cream Carpet

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Close to the great desert Dasht-e-Kavir, Iran, 200 kilometres east of Isfahan is the beautiful city of Nain. In the city one can see the characteristic clay buildings and one of the oldest mosques with remains from the 10th century.

Carpets from the city are highly reputed and are very popular. Materials used as well as the workmanship is of the highest class with a focus on high knot density. Patterns with a medallion in the middle together with arabesques and floral motifs are the most celebrated.

Design- Nain 1 blue
Material- Wool
Weaving Type- Hand-knotted
Colour- Cream
Knot Density- 125 knots per square inch
Knot Type- Persian Knots
Foundation- Cotton

Style- Historic

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