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Hand Knotted Moire' Carpet

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The Moiré pattern, in physics is a geometrical design that results when a set of straight or curved lines are superposed onto another set of lines. The effect may be seen by looking through the folds of a nylon curtains or two sheets of graph paper twisted at 20 or 30 degrees with respect to one another. 

About the Collection:

Neoteric or Contemporary carpet designs are current and modern and are reflective of new and diverse themes, colours and styles. They range from Geometrics, Abstract art, Pop art and bold and vibrant colours to the minimalistic chic designs.

The philosophy behind modern designs is to have little restriction. There are no limitations to the patterns, colours, size of designs, and combination of colours incorporated in modern rugs. 

A cutting edge Neoteric floor covering can complement any living room, dining room or bedroom area. These conversation starters can shield your floors from regular wear and tear, and bolster your feet against hardwood or tile flooring. They add a crisp and upscale look to your decor. 

Design- No. 4722
Material- Hand-spun Wool and Bamboo Silk
Weaving Type- Hand-knotted
Colour- Slate and Orange
Knot Density- 155000 knots per square meter
Foundation- Cotton
Style- Modern

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