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Hand Knotted Mohtasham Blossom Kashan 8ft X 10ft Carpet

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The rarest group of Kashan carpets that showcase non-traditional designs and colour palettes is the “Mohtasham Kashan". This elite class of Kashan carpets are constructed using a a very luminous quality of wool giving the surface a highly reflective quality. They can either be found in a graceful teardrop medallion or in an intricately detailed allover blossom and leaf pattern.

The most prized of all are the earlier Mohtasham Kashan carpets have an antique ivory or gold background and reflect exceedingly fine detail, as well as extremely time-softened pastel and earth tones as can be seen in this carpet. 

Design- 4887
Material- Hand-spun Wool and Bamboo Silk
Weaving Type- Hand-knotted
Colour- Black and Gold
Knot Density- 125 knots per square inch
Knot Type- Persian Knots
Foundation- Cotton
Size- 8ft X 10ft
Style- Historic

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