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Hand Knotted Mir 2ft X 3ft Accent Rug

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Mir rugs are made with wool which is hand-knotted onto cotton warp strings (that form the foundation of the carpet). The highest quality wool that can possibly be used for a floor covering (called "Fork" in Fasri) is used for weaving these carpets.  As a result the rugs have a beautiful sheen and are very soft to the touch.

About Accent Rugs

Accent rugs refer to small rugs that cover part of a floor. In fact multiple accent rugs can be used in a single room. They are very versatile and can be used to great effect in a multiple rooms, such as the living room, home theatre, and bedrooms. 

Design- 5471
Material- Indian and New Zealand Wool
Weaving Type- Hand-knotted
Colour- Bottle Green
Knot Density- 64 knots per square inch
Knot Type- Persian Knots
Foundation- Cotton
Size- 2ft X 3ft

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