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Hand Knotted Mahi Rosette Red Carpet

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Mahi (or Herati) carpets are celebrated for not only their artistic appeal but their durability. A gorgeous rosette, enclosed in a diamond with a saw-like "acanthus leaf" along each side are often used as a motif in these. The "leaf" may actually represent a fish and hence this design is also known as the mahi (fish) design. The name comes from the city of Herat in Northwestern Afghanistan (formerly the Persian empire).

While the exact origins of the Herati/Mahi design may be somewhat difficult to trace, what is quite widely suggested is that this particular style of rug-making originates in the Farsi-speaking region of Western Iran and the country of Turkey. Another plausible explanation for the name “Herati” is the city of Herat (initially located in Persia which now resides within Afganistan’s borders) which was the inspiration behind the name of this design. Herati usually is an all-over repeated main field design. There are no designated hues so each Mahi rug’s color palette depends on the artistic sensibilities of the weaver. The fish pattern is a symbol of auspiciousness. In addition, it is said to bring good luck to a household. Herati rugs are a classic instance of the majestic Persian craftsmanship.

Design- Mahi- 12
Material- Wool
Weaving Type- Hand-knotted
Colour- Red
Knot Density- 150 knots per square inch
Knot Type- Persian Knots
Foundation- Cotton

Style- Historic

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