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Hand Knotted Muddy Waters 5.6ft X 8ft Carpet

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This carpet from our Earth Inspired Collection gives the appearance of enormous amounts of earth and sand assimilated into a water body. 

About Hand-knotted Tibetan Carpets

Hand-knotted Tibetan carpets offer the rare blend of traditionally and modernity with their ancient weaving styles, classical hand-knotting and contemporary designs. They make for penthouse-chic rugs with interesting geometric patterns and retro imagery masterfully accented with hues of neutral earth tones, hand crafted using a combination of wool and silk.

These rugs are made using an overlapped interlink buckle or an interlink knot technique. The result is is a lustrous and velvet like surface, which makes these carpets look and feel luxurious.

Design- No. 406
Quality- 10X32 Tibetan
Colour- Light and Dark Mocha with Steel Blue
Material- Hand-spun Wool and Silk
Size- 5.6ft X 8.0ft
Knot Density- 124000 knots per square meter
Knot Type- Tibetan Knots
Foundation- Cotton

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