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Hand Knotted Erased Ajrak Inspired 8ft X 10ft Carpet

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This hand knotted carpet is inspired by the Ajrak pattern. Ajrak is a block-printed textile that is made with resist-dyeing techniques using natural dyes like indigo and madder. The term “Ajrak”, may be derived from “Azrak”, meaning blue in Arabic, as blue happens to be the one of the principal colours in Ajrak printing. It is made by Khatris community in Kutch, Gujarat and is characterised by its colour- blue with red - and its complex geometric & floral patterns. Owing to it's colour palette, Ajrak is also said to signify the Universe. Colour red for earth, black for darkness, white for clouds and blue for Universe itself

About the Collection

The Erased Ancestry Collection pays homage to the traditional, classical carpet and seeks inspiration from age old patterns, techniques and quality standards carefully preserved by master weavers. It is they who bring back these designs to life, knot by knot.

Design- No. 4992
Material- Hand-spun Wool and Bamboo Silk
Colour- Grey, Red and Blue
Knot Density- 155000 knots per square meter
Foundation- Cotton
Size- 8ft X 10ft
Collection- Erased Ancestry

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