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Bristol Vintage Weave Rattan Bedside Table


If you’ve been looking for furniture that makes a statement aesthetically but doesn’t add a ton of visual weight to your space, this rattan side table is for you. Because of its vintage roots and natural feel, it works in a wide variety of living spaces.

About Colonial Cane Furniture

Cane chairs are a product of colonialism in a literal sense. Rattan and its byproduct, cane, were used widely by native populations in Southeast Asia to construct everything from hats to houses. Chinese and European colonists, with their chair-sitting traditions, had a need for seating in the lands they colonized, and satisfied it using readily available material: rattan. Rattan originally arrived in the Western world as packing material for more valuable goods like spices and tea imported from Asia by the East India Company starting in the 17th century. It’s unclear when craftsmen in England started weaving cane in the six-way pattern, but there’s evidence that this technique existed in China since at least 250 B.C.

About the Product

This Side Table is handcrafted from sustainable mango wood with stylish webbed rattan panels and elegant brass legs and handles. 

Primary Material Mango Wood + Iron
Secondary Material Webbed Rattan
Height 56cm
Width 45cm
Depth 35cm
Assembly Yes
Re-Assembly Possible Yes
Est. Delivery 6 Weeks

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