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Hand Knotted Silver Nazrana 4ft X 6ft Carpet


Nazranas were gorgeous limited-edition coins meant to mark a special occasion or to honour an important guest. Made as they were to be presented at ceremonial events, Nazrana coins were larger than average and were objects of delicate beauty. This hand-knotted carpet from the Erased Ancestry collection is created in honour of the Silver Nazrana.

About the Collection:

The Erased Ancestry Collection pays homage to the traditional, classical carpet and seeks inspiration from age old patterns, techniques and quality standards carefully preserved by master weavers. It is they who bring back these designs to life, knot by knot.

Design- LEO 02
Material- Hand-spun Wool and Bamboo Silk
Weaving Type- Hand-knotted
Colour- Grey and Silver
Size- 4ft X 6ft 
Knot Density- 155000 knots per square meter
Knot Type- Persian Knots
Foundation- Cotton
Style- Erased Ancestry

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