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Hand Tufted Amber Ogee 5ft X 7ft Carpet


This hand tufted carpet carries a delicate Ogee pattern. An Ogee is a distinctive  design with two continuously narrowing and widening S-shaped curves. These two curves form a perfect oval shape before repeating out elegantly. Known for their pleasing flow and rhythm, this layout is extremely versatile as a design element. 

About Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufting is a traditional method, which requires a high level of craftsmanship. Our rugs are entirely made by hand: the yarn is hand dyed, tufted by hand with a small mechanical tool and finally sheared, using hand held scissors. No electricity is used.  

Material- Wool 
Weaving Type- Hand Tufted
Colour- Yellow
Foundation/ Backing- Cotton
Size- 5ft X 7ft

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Each and every order is created from scratch and we take about 4-6 weeks to ship. If you need it sooner, please get in touch.

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Incase of any damage, we take the product back, no questions asked. We also provide on site services in top cities.

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